Monday, October 31, 2011

Movie Reviews: Retreat, The Veteran & Another Earth

1. Retreat

Plot: It's about a married couple who went to an isolated island for a retreat because of a family tragedy. Then, they met a stranger on the island who was only making it the worst retreat ever for them.

Two things that seduced me to watch this; Cillian Murphy and Jamie Bell. In the end, I am pretty disappointed. The story was there but it was poorly told. Twist after twist after twist didn't help too. No suspense at all. Maybe it is Cillian Murphy's worst character, so far? But Jamie Bell was quite edgy and great. 2.5/5 stars.

2. The Veteran

Plot: Ex-soldier came back from war and suddenly got involved in a hidden war at homeland.

Toby Kebbell was good but the movie was flat and boring. Uninspiring like other intelligence thrillers. 2/5 stars.

3. Another Earth

Plot: Ex-prisoner tried to 're-boot' her life by joining a contest which could won her a trip to another Earth. At the same time, she was seeking a hard way to apologize to the sole victim of her past mistake.

I love it!!! A sci-fi, but not really a sci-fi. There were more than that (I thought of last year's Monsters.) Brit Marling was excellent as Rhoda. Simple, terrifying and moving. Beautiful cinematography and score too. 4/5 stars!

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