Thursday, July 26, 2012

Five Memorable Movie Scenes 2012


It is almost August, man! But hey, the summer of blockbusters has just begun. The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, The Hunger Games and Prometheus were already released. And we're waiting for the next bunch of 'big' movies like Total Recall & The Bourne Legacy, both will be released in two weeks time here in Malaysia. But it won't end there, enter December, we'll have another bunch (Django Unchained, The Hobbit, Skyfall) and some Oscar-oriented stuffs for sure.

So, how is it, so far? Personally, I enjoyed the superheroes summer so much where all three superhero movies mentioned earlier were a blast! Each got their strengths and weaknesses, but all in all, all three were pure entertaining and great.

There are some other movies I enjoyed watching too. The comedic duo, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street, Men in Black 3 (quite decent), Madagascar 3 (an improvement from the sequel) and our proud Bunohan.  The most surprising one would be Chronicle; a tale of three friends who accidentally got a supernatural abilities and all went wrong when one of them couldn't control it. Chronicle served a moving tale from beginning til the end (in Cloverfield-like handy-cam style). And I am still impressed with the final battle between the two friends, which brought me an idea to write this blog-post.

Here are five of my memorable scenes from this year's movies, which were beautifully executed and yeah, SPOILERS ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been warned =)

1. The Final Battle (Chronicle)

This is one of the best battle scenes I've ever seen. Two best friends fighting each other and all of the scenes were shown via various recorded devices (news-reporter cameras, CCTV in the bank, people's smartphones etc.) This genius move by the director, Josh Trank, resulted in a believable scene of city-destruction caused as the consequence of the battle. 

2. The Salute (The Hunger Games)

The Hunger Games is no Twilight although it is still a movie for teens and kids (or isn't it?). Jennifer Lawrence nailed it as Katniss and so did other supporting cast like Woody Harrelson, Josh Hutcherson and a girl called Rue in this movie. Well, Rue actually died in the Game, much to Katniss' anger and disappointment (she died right in front of her). It was such a heart-breaking sequence for the viewers when Katniss was seen 'burying' Rue under decorated flowers and the she was having a breakdown. But between that, Katniss stood facing a camera on a tree, giving a three-finger salute, especially for Rue's tribute which triggered a riot among its people against the Capitol authorities. A simple scene, but that was a classy salute by Katniss! It was a powerful gesture.

3. The Explosion (21 Jump Street)

I didn't expect both Channing Tatum and the movie to be so funny. I laughed so hard and I'm not tired of them, still. Jonah Hill and Ice Cube were hilarious too. There were a lot of funny scenes to begin with but one of it, and the most memorable is when both Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill being chased by a gang of criminals on the road. During the chase, there were two events that could easily amount to a Hollywood's typical explosion in a typical Hollywood's car chase scene. But not this time. Twice! First, a motorbike crashed into a lorry full of flammable gas. No explosion. Secondly, a motorbike hit a big fuel truck and still no explosion. The heroes' expectations of an explosion were fooled. But then came the third accident. A motorbike hit a lorry carrying... chickens. BOOM! There it was. A typical Hollywood's explosion. Came from an unlikely source. Haha!

4. The Court (The Dark Knight Rises)

TDKR is not a perfect movie on its own, but surely a perfect ending to the Batman trilogy. It was an extravaganza flick with a lot of characters beside Batman like Selina Kyle, Alfred (what a performance!), Jim Gordon, John Blake and the monstrous villain, Bane. Bane created mega-riot at Gotham when he successfully released the prisoners of Gotham's prisons to be his allies to control the city. This brought us to a court scene governed by these criminals and psychos, where those who were against Bane's revolution will be executed, either by death or exile. Guess who's the judge? None other than Dr. Johnathan Crane aka Scarecrow! And the court built-up looked both amazing and eerie.

5. The Release (The Cabin in The Woods)

Another surprise of the year. The Cabin in The Woods is full of antidote to the typical scenes in horror/slash movies. I don't know the exact word to describe this movie. A parody? A comedy? It's a weird one but I like it! The 'release' of monsters near the end of this flick was DAMNNNN!!! It's like a monsters' royal rumble. My heart was pounding so hard waiting for them to come out once one of the protagonists hit that button. The silence of those soldiers waiting for their 'enemies' was intense. For the first time ever, I rooted for those monsters to kill all those human-bastards in lab.

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