Tuesday, January 8, 2013

65daysofstatic Live @ The Bee, KL 2013

 Honestly, I'd never listened to their songs prior to their gig at The Bee, KL last night, but I managed to do a quick 'warm-up' listening to some of their songs on YouTube hours before. haha

But oh my... I'm so glad now that I know them and saw them live. They were amazing!

Malaysian Deepset opened the show around 8.30pm to set the mood (also, never heard of them). They killed some early technical issues with a beautiful build-up towards the end. The crowd kept coming to fill up the venue.

Minutes before 10 o'clock, 65daysofstatic was on. 


Okay... they played tight. Energetic. The drums were noticeably crazy. They were far better live than what I heard on YouTube. And the sound system at The Bee was top-notched! Towards the end of their set, they played fans' favorites, Retreat Retreat & Radio Protector. But I really like their new stuffs being played before the two. More cool effects and tighter.

The show ended one and a half hour later. It was a fun experience. Again, I;m glad that I know them now. Post-rock/math rock is quite new to me and I think I'm used to enjoy it now. My first gig to attend at The Bee, Publika is a memorable one. 

What a start to 2013.

 Thanks JuiceOnline=) yudabas!


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