Friday, December 6, 2013

10 Things I Learned at Urbanscapes 2013

1. Upfront Stage on the Big Weekend. Bihzhu, Efterklang & Damn Dirty Apes sounded awesome on this stage. I don't know whether it's the stage or the performers themselves, but... Upfront Stage was the most impressive stage during Urbanscapes PLUS both Satellite Shows (that said a lot).

2. Discovered new love in Bihzhu, Efterklang & Damn Dirty Apes. Haha. Again, I don't know if it is caused by the Upfront Stage or these bands are really great. Both compliment each other well.

3. Finally experienced Tegan & Sara performing LIVE! After years hearing them on Grey's Anatomy and laptop...

Day 1 of the Big Weekend.

4. Some music acts sounded great on radio/album, but underwhelming when performing live. Lack of something punchy, I guess. Example: Franz Ferdinand. Dammit, I LOVE their catchy tunes, but their set at Urbanscapes felt flat and quite boring.

5. Da Vagabonds, led by Hujan's vocalist Noh is the next new local band to watch. I came late to their show. Caught last 2-3 songs but I was mesmerized by them. A potential one.

6. Urbanscapes and mud can't be separated.

7. Kyoto Protocol is officially the band I've seen live the most in my entire life! From MGMT concert in 2011 to this. They are getting better and better.

8. Sound system during Explosions in the Sky at KL Live was bad, or is it that my ears can't accept EITS' music (live)? I'm confused. haha. I went out early after their 2nd song. Or probably because I was on cough syrup at that time. So I am not really sure...

9. When Mew playing 'She Spider', it gave me goosebumps. The sixth band from Spider-Man 2 OST album after Dashboard Confessional, Switchfoot, Hoobastank, Maroon 5 and Train that came to Malaysia. Hopefully, it would be Taking Back Sunday next! Oh, Mew's set was one of the best.

Day 2 of the Big Weekend.

10. Feeling all deja vu when the vocalist of Efterklang did that 'global continuity gift exchange' thing. I've thought of that before if I ever went on tour around the world; doing something that connect fans from previous show to the next one's. So the 'orange-hat' is my favorite moment from this year's Urbanscapes.

Sape nak oren?

Thank you.

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