Wednesday, February 12, 2014

That's What I Learned From...

Addiction in some forms is a disease. It cannot be cured easily. So don't be ashamed to get help or share your problem with ones you trust who can help you. Or at least make you feel better. The question of dignity, cultural acceptance or taboo issues are second to your effort to save your own life. Meanwhile, other people who don't seem to have any addiction on the surface are not perfect or problem-free either. EVERYONE has a black spot of weakness in their life. It's a matter of whether we realize it or not. Is it hidden from our own consciousness? Because if it is, that's dangerous. Thus, learn and care more about yourself - that's what I learned from watching Thanks For Sharing.

There must be a reason why someone live a dirty life. These kind of people are not 100% what you think they completely are and they might have that one little kindness inside them and it may be one quality that you don't have. There is always room for redemption for them and it's our job to switch the light on over the room. On another note, depression makes us lose control. And losing total control is shitty - that's what I learned from watching Filth.

If you are so passionate in doing something you care and love most, you don't have to worry about other things. You'll be purely happy - that's what I learned from watching Frances Ha.

There are people who accept to live by rules, be it their nature or if they are brainwashed to do so. And there are people who embrace creative freedom, which doesn't go well with the presence of strict rules. Acceptance and understanding between both kind of groups is important to create harmonious and healthy atmosphere. The same goes to Master-Builders and average construction workers - that's what I learned from watching The Lego Movie.


Cinema is my school.

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