Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lucy Rose @ The Bee, KL 2014

I enjoyed her performance at The Bee, Publika, KL last 13th March.The opening act was Malaysian Heymun who warmed up the show. Her first show in KL. And it was good.


Later, Lucy Rose & co took over the stage. Talented she is! And frankly they sounded better live than when on radio. I thought it would be a dull mellow set but it turned out to be danceable one. So I am glad i have discovered another good live act. From the same guys who presented Efterklang at Urbanscapes last year (one of the best shows!).

She played that 'Milk!' song and the song where she played drums.. okay, it was Bikes and Red Face. And my favorite that night, 'Shiver'. (watched the heartbreaking music video please)

Thanks, The Bee. Bring us more exciting acts next time=)

Lucy Rose


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