Friday, October 3, 2014

Mini-review: MTV World Stage Malaysia & Good VIbes Festival 2014

2014's MTV World Stage was okay. Honestly, I only came for Yuna and she was..averagely okay. Not her best show but I still enjoyed her songs from new (amazing!) album. I didn't stay for the headliner, B.o.B but managed to see Thaitanium and a K-Pop group. 3/5 stars.

Finally, Good Vibes' second year in Malaysia. And it got better. Some delay caused by heavy rain earlier but the night provided magical stuffs from Banks, Empire of the Sun & Ellie Goulding. EotS were outstanding in both of their performance and props. While Ellie... this is the second time I saw her and it's totally different. More energetic and insane on stage. As usual, she sounded great live. Good end. 4/5 stars.

Waiting for Urbanscapes 2014!!!

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