Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Photos & Mini-Review: CHVRCHES Live @ KL Live 2014


Finally, a Chvrches show in Malaysia!

Here's what made it cool and better than the last time I saw them at Laneway Singapore earlier this year:

1. Their music sounded more amazing at KL Live.
2. Finally I got to see 'You Caught The Light' live for the first time. One of my fave tracks from their debut album.
3. Some guitar actions from the guys! And good lighting plays! But the sound system was kinda not balanced=(
4. They performed new song from Mockingjay OST 'Dead Air' and a remake track from Drive OST 'Get Away'. I love Get Away~
5. They played all songs from The Bones of What You Believe.

Felt short (no surprises like an Arctic Monkeys cover=P) but it was still fun. A good warm-up to other Satellite Shows and the main event: Urbanscapes 2014!

Thank you Define for the passes=)


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