Sunday, December 16, 2012


These lenses are bruising
The real panorama
Of people went wandering
Hearts locked well in terror.

These lenses say real enough
To change what I've always thought.

Some words are deceiving.
They keep you afloat.
Between truths and nonsense
Not sure which one of both.

These words you trust badly enough.
Lost your own when life's getting rough.

Here's for the children
And here's for the souls
Caught in paralyzed dreams
They could never control.
We live for what?
For things not important?
We're breathing slow and we're still ignorant.

Those lenses you'd seeing through
Are glasses that've broken.
It blinds your eyes unnoticed
Cause you don't even care.
Some lies are designated as clear
As doubts to believe what is real.


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