Saturday, September 7, 2013

10 Songs of John Mayer I Love

10. Dear Marie. Why? The cute and funny lyrics.

9. New Deep. Why? The intro. Like it was meant for a movie or something.

8. Something Like Olivia. Why? John Mayer beautifully described Olivia as a gorgeous woman I really want to meet one day.

7. Half of My Heart. Why? Honestly a beautiful duet with... Taylor Swift. Hmm...

6. Bigger Than My Body. Why? One of John's radio-friendly upbeat hits which I love.

5. Daughters. Why? The guitar-solo.And the calmness within.

4. Gravity. Why? The guitar works.

3. A Face to Call Home. Why? The epic build-up to the outro.

2. Queen of California. Why? The guitar works throughout and that 'western/cowboy' feeling.

1. Why Georgia. Why? EVERYTHING about the song is awesome! Forever my favorite John Mayer's song=)

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