Friday, September 13, 2013

A Typical 12-Track Music Album

I have a lot of music CDs and cassettes. Sometimes I analyze the listing of the tracks and try to guess which song from which track will be this or that, when I first buy an album. So this is what I can generally (and loosely) describe as for the track-arrangement/positioning in a music album.

Track #1: An intro with an instrumental-driven goodness.

Track #2: The crappy and generic first single off the album

Track #3: The much better-than-first-single second single.

Track #4: Filler. Skippable.

Track #5: Third single off the album. Sounds okay.

Track #6: Filler. Going to stuck in head for awhile but then easily forgotten

Track #7: Slower tune/acoustic/totally sounds different from other songs in the album

Track #8: Filler

Track #9: Filler. And the worst song from the album.

Track #10: Filler. yawnnn

Track #11: The greatest and the most epic song in the album that should have been a single.

Track #12: Another epic melancholic song. Probably 5-7-minute long. Fade out or finished sweetly.

Owh... a Bonus Track: WOW! THIS IS BETTER THAN OTHERS! Going to stuck in my head for weeks. And it did.

Agree? hehehe.


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