Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oppo-Fiction #0

The year is 2035.
Songs have no longer lyrics in them.
The Government has banned music with lyrics.
For these lyrics might contain anti-government message.
All kinds of art are either restricted or illegal per se.
Besides, no more poetry.
No more indie movies or verbal plays.
No more fictional books.
Except for all these to be sanctioned thoroughly by the Government.

Art and literature are dead.
And a revolution is imminent.
It is badly needed to revitalize hope.
The Government has no Opposition in this era.
It is also 'banned'.
So a lot of left-wing organizations were secretly initiated.
Consisting  poets, musicians, movie-makers and what's left of the kind.
But lately a lot of the groups got caught by the Government.
They got life-imprisoned and some were executed.
'Art is a treason to our country.'
'Because art may lead to anti-government movements.'
These so-called final and definite reasonings drive me crazy.

The year is 2035.
We, citizens, have to be more careful in future.
Ironically, creativity is highly needed for survival.
And we need to get more creative to end this madness.

My name is Amani.
I am part of this revolutionary movement.
I pledge to give my all to save my country.

But the thing is, I'm the wife of the Prime Minister.


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