Friday, November 1, 2013

Urbanscapes Satellite Show: Mew & Explosions in the Sky @ KL 2013


It has started! Series of Urbanscapes/Upfront concerts throughout what's left of 2013. And it began with Urbanscapes Satellite Show #1 at KL Live last 31st October with Mew & Explosions in the Sky rocking the night.

Honestly, I solely came for Mew knowing this band since Spider-Man 2 soundtracks album (I know right? what a slight shame...) so I really really hoped they'd play She Spider. And they did! They sounded wonderful live. It is more of an experience for my ears and mind to indulge in. Dreamy. Added with an awesome lighting. It's a perfect set accompanied by a colorful crowd.

And then, it was Explosions in the Sky's turn to perform... I left early. Ngantuk. Haha.

But, it's a perfect start for the big Urbanscapes event plus the Upfront gig series. Next are The Cribs, the Big Weekend, Metric AND Foals in 2014. Nice job, Urbanscapes. You've stepped up your game.



 Explosions in the Sky

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