Friday, September 23, 2011

Movie Reviews: Everything Must Go & Midnight In Paris

It's an emo melo-drama about Will Ferrell's character who lost his job and on the verge of divorce all happened in a day. I found it quite interesting to see Will Ferrell could pull a non-comedic performance like in this. Swept away Ben Stiller (Greenberg) and Adam Sandler (Reign Over Me). Lots of business stuffs you can learn, too. 4/5 stars!

It's about Gil (Owen Wilson) visiting Paris with fiancee (Rachel McAdams) to find inspiration on his new novel. Then, crazy things happened to him at midnight. The movie was quite moving and entertaining. This is where you can find Carla Bruni, Pablo Picasso, T.S. Elliot, Michael Sheen, Loki, Marion Cotillard, F. Scott Fitzgerald, rhinos etc. all in one movie. And the ending was similar to 500 Days of Summer's. Tres Bien! 4/5 stars

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