Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review: Warrior

This is one movie you should watch, guys! MUST WATCH!!!

This is not a typical sports movie, where you know from the very start that the good guys/heroes always won the game in the end. But Warrior had two protagonists, Brendan and Tommy. Both were brothers and each of them got their own motive to win the mixed martial arts tournament. Both of them got an equal exposure and story, and it made it hard for you to be longing for only one of them.

The first half of the movie was heavy of family drama. But at the same time, it built up a perfect and strong foundation for the second half; the tournament and all those fighting and ass-kicking. So, everything is balanced here.

K.O, biatch!

The father of the two brothers, played by Nick Nolte, was my favorite character. He shown terrific and believable emotions when facing his trouble with his boys. I bet he will get a nomination for Best Supporting Role in any award. I am sure of that! Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, on the other hand, were absolutely brilliant! Tom Hardy keeps getting better (cannot wait for him in The Dark Knight Rises!) and Joel has earned his breakthrough he really deserves.

Daddy's looking for redemption.

Finally, the tournament at the end of the movie has left me breathless. Really! You should watch it in cinema for a better impact. Warrior is surely one of the best movies I've ever watched. Erm... the best of this year? YES!!! So far.

5/5 stars.

Bane vs physics teacher.

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