Thursday, September 15, 2011


I decided to blog again. The hell...

I blogged before about my life and my views on something, politics bla bla bla. But now I feel tired to post about that stuffs.

So, I dedicate this blog to all music listeners and movie-goers. This blog is just about music and movies (both are my life.) They are the ones that are keeping me sane and alive and kickin'. So why not I keep sharing these interests with all of you, like I did before. Will share with you new songs, bands, music videos, movie posters etc. And would review some new movies I've watched or album/CD. from time to time. And other shits...

Finally, I would like to announce that I'd changed the name of this blog from MyWasteland (now I'm older enough to realize it's such a kiddy blog name) to...

...DRIVE! Well, that's the movie which influenced me to blog again. Such a great movie (ryan Gosling, dude!) And it got cool soundtracks, 80s like, that you should hear sometimes. I will post about it later=)

Selamat Hari Malaysia =)


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