Saturday, March 23, 2013

Twin Towers @live 2013 Concert (Day 2: Backstreet Boys!)

A childhood's mission accomplished: I'VE SEEN BACKSTREET BOYS LIVE! I sang to every single song they sang. Great show, amazing venue and crazy BSB fans. What a night to remember=)

They played almost every tracks from their Greatest Hits album;

Get Down, 
The Call, 
Shape of My Heart, 
The One, 
We've Got It Going On, 
As Long As You Love Me, 
Larger Than Life, 
I Want It That Way, 
Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely, 
Quit Playing Games, 
All I Have, 
I'll Never Break Your Heart, and

Couldn't ask for more =D

Thanks, BSB and those who brought them here as well as with other acts =)

 Shaun Lee

One Nation Emcees

 KL Drumline

Mizz Nina

Backstreet Boys

BSB doing Gangnam dance!


 Nick Carter

Howie D & Kevin




Lucky lucky fans on stage.

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