Friday, June 8, 2012

My Mid-Year's Concert Journal

It is June! It is already mid 2012! Would you believe that??? Time moves slowly but it keeps on moving and moving without a break. And here we are, June! MID-2012 oledi!!!

The music scene here in Malaysia, this year, has been flooded with a lot of international music concerts/gigs (at least when compared to past years'). I really enjoy it. Experiencing many kind of live music performance; rock, pop, punk, acoustic set, live band, minus one music etc etc... I gotta meet some of these acts too. It was fun, really.

So here's the list of all concerts I've been to this year...

1. Simple Plan (KL Live)

I love them as my teenage memories. A nostalgic night with a lot of old songs they played which made me Jump, literally.

 (credit: Joshuaongys)

2. Dashboard Confessional (KL Live)

Chris Carrabba is the man! He owned the stage and the night. A quality solo performance at such a quality venue.

(credit: Esquire.my)

3. Avril Lavigne (Stadium Merdeka)

Like Simple Plan, she was one my fave female artists circa-Let Go album. Not at her best that night and she didn't sing a lot of her old stuffs so I was some kind of disappointed. Had a good time nevertheless. 

(credit: buzzera.blogspot.com)

4. Jessie J (Sunway Lagoon)

This is how a pop-star should be like. Energetic from beginning til the end. I started to love her since then. Her vocal range was amazing. Plus, that song about phone/camera. haha.

(credit: WomenOfMalaysia.net)

5. Sum 41 (KL Live)

Finally they came after cancelling their show at Rockaway 2011. It was good but should've been better. But they played all of my fave songs like We're All to Blame, In Too Deep and Fat Lip. Niceyyy!

(credit: thejessicat.com)

6. Pixie Lott (KL Live)

I felt that the show was too short. But it's a free showcase, Adam. Okay, fine. She's still cute.

(credit:  YahooMY)

7. We The Kings (feat. We Are The In Crowd) ( Bukit Jalil National Stadium's Car Park F)

 I enjoy the opening acts (Kyoto Protokol, Bunkface & Oh Chentaku). WATIC was meh. And I didn't get the chance to see We The Kings because it's almost 12am and I gotta go to work the next day. Bummer...

(credit: nataliechoong.blogspot.com)

8. Christina Perri (KL Live)

This show healed my wound of attending Pixie Lott and We The Kings before. Again, KL Live certified itself to be a great concert venue for any kind of music genre. I'm not a super-fan of CP but on that night, she was absolutely awesome. Every aspect of the event was great; CP, her band, the sound system, the crowd...

(credit: Christina Perri)

Next ones: William Beckett & Jason Mraz!!!

Can't wait for it=)

Meet and greet photos =D

With Sum 41.

With Jessie J.

With Christina Perri.

With Chris Carrabba