Friday, June 8, 2012

Reviews: Love is a Four Letter Word, Blunderbuss & Black and White

Title: Love is a Four Letter Word
Artist: Jason Mraz
Release: 2012
Fave tracks: I Won't Give Up, Be Honest, Frank D. Fixer, 93 Million Miles, The World As I See It AND a hidden track.
Note: Relaxing and beautiful. This time there's no wordplay/tongue-twisting like in his first two albums. I really like the lyrics contained in every song; so honest and straightforward.
Rate: 4.5/5 stars

Title: Blunderbuss
Artist: Jack White
Release: 2012
Fave tracks: Sixteen Saltines, Freedom at 21, Weep Themselves to Sleep & Love Interruption
Note: Don't expect The White Stripes here. The theme is blues/western + a lil bit of garage rock and Jack's signature guitar solo. I love the piano works in Weep Themselves as much as I love guitar solo in Freedom at 21. Towards the end of the album, it started to make me tired but the final track ended with a bang; tripping and powerful.
Rate: 4/5 stars

Title: Black And White
Band: The Maine
Release: 2010
Fave tracks: Don't Stop Now, Right Girl, Growing Up, Inside of You & Saving Grace
Note: I just bought this album recently. Man, I feel that I should've owned this one earlier! Although the music is like any other 'high-school' bands you've known, John's vocal and delivery is great (hear his screaming in Inside of You). That's the x-factor in The Maine. Most of the songs are pretty catchy too. I'm going to get Pioneer soon!
Rate: 3.5/5

(Growing up won't bring us down...)

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