Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: Jason Mraz Live @ Stadium Merdeka, KL 2012

Jason Mraz has done it again! This time, it was far more relaxing compared to his previous concert here at Stadium Negara back in 2009. I always doubted the sound quality of a concert held at Stadium Merdeka but last night, Jason Mraz fixed my perception. Like a fixer! Okay, nvm...

Awi Rafael opened the show with four songs. Simple and nice performance. And not long after that, Jason came with his wonderful band-mates. By this time, the stadium was already crowd-packed. The first song was 'Everything Is Sound', followed by 'The Freedom Song', both from his new album, Love is a Four Letter Word.

Jason made almost all of the audience to stand up and dancing. He continued playing songs from his new album like 'Frank D. Fixer' which is a song about his grandpa, 'Living in the Moment', the hidden track 'I'm Coming Over' and 'The Woman I Love'. He also played a lot of songs from We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things like 'Make It Mine', 'Only Human' and 'The Dynamo of Volition' (which is quite like an aerobic song. Haha). And... And... AND... surprisingly he played one of my fave haunting ballads, 'Mr. Curiosity'. Completed with that falsetto vocal! Easily, it's my pick for personal highlight of the night! YOU GO, JASON!!!

He managed to briefly sing 'Curbside Prophet' before straightaway singing 'The Remedy'. A beautiful stuff!  Then there were other biggest hits like 'You and I Both' which was played acoustically, 'Lucky' (an amazing duet with one of his band-mate. Penny Tai is forgiven.) and everyone's sing-along tune, 'I'm Yours' before Jason and the band went off the stage.

As expected (duh!), they came back on stage for three more songs. They played a song they didn't play last time, 'Bella Luna'. Next, it was '93 Million Miles'. I love this song. You should listen to the lyrics. A song about wherever you're going in this world, you have only one home and you will... okay, sorry I'm high.

Jason ended the show with 'I Won't Give Up'. That's another highlight of the night. It was perfect from the guitar-picking to his vocal and to the crowd's voices in the background.

Well, the ENTIRE concert was perfect from the time they started playing till the end. It was inspiring, heart-lifting, lotsa goosebumps moments and lotsa my fave songs being played. Except for 'Wordplay'. Again he missed it. Haihh... Clearly it's not Jason's fave, right? Never mind, I still love Jason Mraz and last night was awesome!

Thank you, Warner Music Malaysia for bringing Jason Mraz again to Malaysia. And thank you, Klubbkidd for the tickets=)

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Maryam Hamzah said...

nice review! you missed out on 2 songs tho, 'A beautiful Mess' and 'butterfly' :)

bluecollar said...

Thanks. I didn't know the song-titles actually =P

sully86 said...

bluecollar: He is awesome, slightly better then his first concert. But sayang tak der toca rivera.

Anonymous said...

I'm a reader from Singapore and he played here last night and Mr Curiousity was the highlight for me. He also sang Unfold, which I adore...