Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: William Beckett Live @ Black Box, Publika, KL 2012

I went to his show at Black Box, Publika last Sunday and it was satisfying worth it! Honestly, I only know some of his old songs when he was with The Academy Is. He'd just released his new solo album earlier this year and I didn't get the chance to explore it really, except for the catchy single, 'Compromising Me', and 'Oh Love'. Different vibes from TAI but that's alright for me.

But that night, he stole the show on his own. Almost 2 hours long. Around 20 songs played, old & new. Plus his intimate interaction with the crowd and brilliant opening acts in Lab the Rat and Estranged. I love LTR set so much! Lovely.

Lab the Rat

After Estranged, along came Beckett and his laptop (which functioned as drum machine for a couple of songs). He played new stuffs from his new EP ('Compromising Me' and 'Oh Love') and TAI songs (like 'Everything We Had' & 'About a Girl'). He also performed for the first time the new single called 'Great Night' from his upcoming new EP. The new song sounded amazing!

Two guitars, a lappy and Mr. Beckett.

The show finished around 10 o'clock but it didn't end there. There was a meet and greet session for all fans who went there. As the queue was too long, I decided not to join the march towards William. Hehe. But I managed to take a picture with him together before the gig.

I know... It's a shitty movie.

Again, for just RM50, this event's totally worth it=)

Thanks, DYS Booking Agency & Rockaway Festival!


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