Monday, June 3, 2013

The Stone

Haris, 20 years old, was mute but not in the dreamworld.
Haris met a girl named Diana in his dream and they fell in love.
They always met each other in 'shared' dreams but never in real life.
In those dreams, Haris always sang one same love song that Diana really liked.
In dreamworld, Haris is a singer Diana adored so much.

One (dream)night, they planned to meet in real life.
They gave to each other own address but Haris tended to forget
about it once he woke up from sleep.
(a normal thing for everyone after dreaming.)
So Diana gave him some signs that would lead him to her home
and Haris needed to remember and seek them.
Since that dream, Haris never dreamed of Diana again.

Haris started to search for the signs, especially a big stone which
always appearred in most of their 'shared' dreams.
Haris finally found the stone.
It led him to Diana's house not far away.

There, he met a lady but she's not Diana.
Her name is Sarah.
Sarah told Haris that Diana had died years ago.
Diana was 80 when she died.
Sarah was Diana's caretaker and now staying at that house originally belonged to Diana.
Sarah also said that Diana was blind and deaf,
and never got married.

When Haris told Sarah his name, she recalled something.
Sarah said Diana constantly told her same stories about her
meeting a boy named Haris in her dreams back when she was young.
And that boy is the only boy she'd seen and fell in love with,
in her entire life.
But Sarah didn't believe that Haris is the same person as told by Diana.
Haris, to convince her it was him, hummed the same song
he always sang to Diana in the shared dreams.
Sarah was shocked and she cried.
It's the same tune Diana kept humming on her dying bed.

Haris sadly left the house.

One fated (dream)day, Haris met Diana again.
And this time for forever.

In dreamworld, Haris, a mute, would have a smooth beautiful voice.
In dreamworld, Diana, a deaf, would listen to Haris' singing all day
and never failed to be amazed by it.
In dreamworld, Diana, a blind, would see a beautiful world for 'real'.
In dreamworld, everything is possible
...and everything is real.


"And that's why I love to sleep in class, Cikgu.
I would achieve an A+ in my dream."
The entire class laughed.
Cikgu Sarah just smiled.
It reminds her of something.


(4th June 2013)

(photo credit:  Astro)

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