Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review: KIL

High notes: 

1. Good casting. Overall, the cast were awesome! Redza Minhat and Cristina Suzanne looked natural on their part. Supporting characters like the fruit auntie, the boss, Johan Iskandar and others gave some memorable moments and lines too.

2. Good sub-plot on Johan Iskandar's marriage struggle and his stand on making films. This kind of deep and soft thought-provoking contents should be constantly discussed in future local movies. Refreshing.

3. Bold premise/main storyline on suicide.

4. Standout soundtracks! Guba, Monoloque, Bo and others rock!

5. That cameo by our queen of rock with a fat cat.

6. Juliana Evans wearing school uniform.

Low notes:

1. The way the story is told or maybe the editing could be better. For example, one scene should be told before/after another scene (i.e. the fruit auntie plot's revelation should be at the end).

2. Obvious use of 500 Days of Summer template? Well, maybe it's just me. It's alright but kinda felt awkward when it came to the lift and chalked wall scenes.

3. Too grim and emo at some points in the movie it bothered me.

4. Predictable ending, no? Especially the whole thing about the company.

5. Itu je Juliana Evans? ceh.

Bravo to this film. Need more of this in local movie scene (and its take on designing promotional posters).

I rated it 3.5/5 stars.

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